My Confession Series: Please Help!

I really do applaud your announcing of your sexual purity ‘status’. But you see,  I am a female and as much as I am a virgin and I do support sexual purity, I’m not so sure about announcing my purity, for obvious reasons. Reasons which could be easily tagged as fear but reasons nonetheless. 

My mother once mentioned that could draw unnecessary attention. I’d really want to be able to be bold about this message like you seem to, what do you advise? –  KD.


Thanks for pouring out your heart on this, I appreciate it. I aso understand your mum’s view too. its very understandable.


Like I do explain everytime I am opportuned to ‘announce’ my ‘status’, I tell them three (3) basic reasons why I make this announcement.


1.To let those who are still virgins know that they are not the only virgins alive.

2. To let listeners and readers know that it is possible to stay sexually pure even in this decadent world.

3. To give hope to those who have made mistakes, either deliberately or not. To let them know that they can start over by choosing to live sexually pure lives.


Now, to your question. I wonder why we who are selling the right thing should be quiet about it, while those who sell the message of moral decadence loud it. 


Recently it struck me again that many young children, girls especially would b spared some really heart-rendering experiences. If little girls had female role models who reminded them and told them it was possible to stay sexually pure, what do you think this world will be like? 


About the fear of being attacked, well, God keeps his own, and He has been doing just that.


I hope that helped, even if you won’t want to announce like I am doing, just ensure that you are keeping the news from those that really need to hear you say it.



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