My Confession Series: The Fight Against Lust

I decided to pause the confessions to take one or two questions that have come up from readers. I believe they will benefit you or someone you know.


“what happens when you can say no to sexual sins with others but find it hard to resist yourself? such that you even get close to masturbation…today you overcome, one month later, you fall again. Can anything get more frustrating? Especially when yu know the devil uses it to slow down your serving God?” -Anonymous


Hello friend, can seriously feel your frustration through your words, I am however glad that you have not given up. Many people are in this struggle against masturbation and its cousin, pornography. Many others are in a sruggle against some wierd sexual craving they understand. As much as we humans may not be able to understand this things, please be secured in the thought that Jesus knows about them all and He has made preparations for handling ALL these things.

Here’s something I believe would help you greatly. its an audio by Oluwatimilehin ‘Doctor Love’ Adigun, titled S.M.A.D.A. Please listen and experience freedom. I believe it will help you as it has helped many others.

Please click on the download link.

Stay free!

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