My Confession Series: I Kissed A Witch!

I was petrified! My hands were on my lips as I looked on. I still did not believe that just happened!!

Let’s rewind.

I was in church for rehearsal on that fateful Saturday, and while I waited for rehearsal to start, she came in so we got talking to while away the time. We left the church auditorium and we walked towards a corner in the church premises, one minute we were in the open and the next minute we were at a corner where we could see whoever comes in through the gate but the person won’t immediately see us. We were there still talking, with our seats facing each other. Then somehow we got to holding hands even while we were sitted, then with our hands still interlocked, we stood together as if controlled. Well, we were controlled by the lust that was coursing through us, and as much as my head was screaming “Lekan, leave now! Don’t do it!” I had pinned my ears to the back.

From the way we were going I knew something more was going to happen, maybe I wanted to know what could happen and now I think I was about to know.

Right there in a corner in the church premises, our lips touched, and the kiss deepened. Then something eerie happened.

I felt life being sucked out of me! Something was heavy in my mouth, I quickly broke the kiss, but that didn’t stop anything. I was throwing up something whitish. It was looking like a muddle of pulped rice except with the ‘elasticity’ of okro. As I was upchucking the disgustful substance, it was hurting my heart, I knew I was in deep trouble. I’ve always known that God wanted me to keep myself pure and that, I have always tried to do, one mistake and it turns out to be this killing?!

In my state of pain, I raised my bent head to see the girl that we just shared the lusty moment, and  right before me I saw what could only have happened in Hollywood! She transformed!

Right before my eyes, as I continued to throw up she altered into a bird and was hovering around me. It was a weird bird, as I could hear the bird laugh! I was in trouble, I had not only allowed my lust bring me discomfort, I had just kissed a witch!

I was pained, confused and angry at the same time, as I knelt on the floor in pain, my eyes caught a broom in a corner, I did the first thing that came to mind, I picked up the broom and went for he bird, I missed the first time, tried again the second time, this time it hit it, but not enough to bring it down, as I was going for the killer third hit, I woke up!

It’s funny the things God uses to keep us from messing ourselves up. I was grateful it was a dream but I never forgot that day nor the dream, and that has been one of the things that God has used to keep me from making sexual mistakes in my life. I may not kiss a witch, but I know if I try to do what I shouldn’t, it will definitely end up in mess that I did not want.

Here I am affirming today that I am PROUD TO BE A VIRGIN, not because of my will power, but because Christ has always helped me!

“…Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, says the Lord of Hosts- you will suceed because of my Spirit, though you are …weak” Zechariah 4:6(TLB)


Mark your calendars, June 11th is world virginity day, we would be celebrating!

We continue this series tomorrow. Here is a peep into tomorrow’s ‘episode’.

“…we were going to be alone for a long time as I wasn’t expecting any visitor neither did I have any appointment with anyone at that time. She stood before me in a mini skirt and a simple ‘macaroni’ top, which wasn’t really a surprise as that was how she dresses. I don’t know if because of the scantiness of her clothes she was not feeling the sudden heat that had engulfed the room, but I was feeling it. There was heat, and it was not just the room temperature.”


Please let’s share, what reminder keeps you from giving in to that lustful feeling? Or what feelings have you had after giving in to the desire?

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