Good morning dear readers and followers, I trust you are doing good. Thanks for always being a part of my life through this blog, I do appreciate your likes, shares and comments, not forgetting the direct mails too, thank you.

I’ve decided to share some parts of my life with you in a series I call My Confession’. Like I mentioned, they are pretty personal parts of my life and I’ll be sharing them to help someone. This first series will focus on the different sexual purity struggles, battles and victories I have had.

When I advocate sexual purity or I scream at the top of my voice that “I am proud to be a virgin” it doesn’t mean I have been free from the struggle, it just implies that God has thus far helped me, and I want to show some ways in which he did.

My Confession series will start today with my ‘first kiss’ encounter, “I kissed a witch”.

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This is going to be a series that trust God will use to open the eyes of many to see how we tempt ourselves, as well as we can ensure we continue in this sexual purity path.

Once again, I’ll be posting ‘I kissed a witch’ later today. Please feel free to share, comment or ask questions, you all have been encouraging thus far.


‘See’ you later!


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