What Christian Guys Want Christian Girls To Have!

I’m sorry this is coming a day later than I had said I would post this. I am sincerely sorry, be sure it would NEVER happen again. I hope I am forgiven.

Putting this together ironically took longer than the parts but it’s finally here. I trust you would nod as you read through. Please enjoy, and don’t forget to share.


It’s easy to be tricked by the media into thinking the guys want particular things in girls while in real life it is not really so, especially as a Christian. The media conspicuously promotes curves above brains, even the ones that have brains are shown as social rejects or they are perverts. So, here’s me, as a Christian guy doing the honors of speaking for my fellow guys, mentioning some things that we truly value in girls. I’m sure the guys will help me out with additions.

  1. HEART FOR GOD: This is deliberately number one because as much as there’ll be many other girls that might have other attributes, because you have a heart for God, we are sure that our zeal for God will not be reduced as a result of our love for you. We want to be sure that one day you won’t ask us to choose between God and you. If you love God, don’t try to code it, it’s very attractive to us.

The fact that you are actively pursuing God also shows us that you know what is important, it shows you have moved from the general level of making materials things number one, to making God NUMBER ONE!

2. A GOOD HEAD: lol. Pardon my choice of headline.

Every guy is attracted to a girl that can carry on an intelligent conversation with fellow females as well as with other guys. We love a lady that doesn’t try to form she knows all, it shows she is open to learning.

3. CHARACTER AND CARRIAGE: As much as the two mentioned above are important, we still want a girl we can be proud of and ‘show off’ to our friends and family. Now, this isn’t like showing off a prized possession, it is more like being proud of you.

A girl who has a radiant character will naturally attract others. Have you wondered why some girls seems to get the attention of majority of guys in a gathering than some, sometimes it’s not just because of their face, it’s because they have strength of character.

They smile appropriately, respect those around them, are very ‘service-conscious’ and homely. Despite this ‘humble’ abilities, they have an interesting carriage. They carry themselves with poise. They can be tush when the need arises. They don’t drag their feet, they wear their clothes well and they smell nice! They simply have character and carriage.

4. Lovely Dress SENSE. Notice ‘sense’ is in full caps? There’s difference between ‘dress sense’ and ‘dress nonsense’. The lady that truly wins the heart of a guy is one that dresses well. What do we mean by dressing well? Very simple, cover what needs to be covered. No cleavage exposing, no thigh exposure, properly covered yet fashionable! Anyone can dress anyhow, it takes diligence to dress fashionable and decent, and that, we celebrate!

If you dress indecently and you see the guys flocking around you, it’s because of the screen you have placed before them and any guy that knows what he is doing with his life will not be ‘cleavage-staring’. Guys shebi?

So we want a girl we don’t have to wear screen shades when we have to go out with her.

5. BE ‘EGGISH’: I really didn’t know how to headline this (maybe you can help supply a better caption), but the point is this, we want a girl that is strong and valuable, yet allows us take care of her. Sometimes, a guy’s desire to lead is from an egotistical heart, but other times, it’s just a sincere need to respect and show you how valuable you are. Even if you have all that you need, we ask that you allow us do things for you, it doesn’t change how we see you.

6. A GIVING HEART: There is a huge misconception about giving in relationships. It’s natural to think that it’s just the guy that should do the giving, but that’s not true. It should be reciprocal.

It’s the guy that gives you on valentine’s day (if you like valentine’s day), he is the one that gets you a gift on your birthday, he is the one that takes you out during Easter or Christmas celebration, and yet you still want him to be the one to get you a gift for his own birthday, haba! Learn to give. Give to him, give to his siblings. Give to his parents too.

7. WISDOM AND SEASONED TONGUE: We want a girl that is wise. Someone we can always run to with our worries and be sure we will get answers that work.

We want someone who has words to draw us out of worries, someone who with word can stir up romance (godly…lol) in our hearts. A girl who always mentions the negative of the guy around her is an issue to herself.

I should add under this that a lady with a healthy laughter is a sight to watch!


With that, I hope I have been able to speak for the guys. There are a lot more I didn’t mention like patience, vision and all, but I trust you to do the additions for me. So, do you agree with me?




40 thoughts on “What Christian Guys Want Christian Girls To Have!

    1. Lol…!
      Actually the point of using ‘egg’ is though an egg is very rich in nutrients yet its delicate thereby ‘forcing’ anyone who really appreciate it to want to handle it with care.
      Shey you get?

      Thanks for reading Oluwatosin!

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  1. I totally agreeee!
    A girl should be funny too!

    A girl should also learn about somethings that interest guys

    She should be a wonderful cook (veeeeery important).
    I think that’s all I can remember
    Shey I lie?
    Niceone Mr. Aremotobi


  2. I agree with d” giving” part some girls can b so annoying abt giving to dis spouse..I actually learnt from this…


  3. As you ladies can see, guys aint asking for much, are we? 😀
    Plus you didn’t add *good communicator*. Its boring having communivstion / discussions with dsome ladies only replying in monosyllables

    Unlike some ladies wish list
    The guy must be:
    A carpenter
    A flourish
    An electrician
    An engineer
    A cook
    A fashionista
    A clean freak
    A good communicator
    A good listener
    A nanny
    A driver
    A plumber
    A spender
    A pastor
    A physicians
    An athlete
    A psychologist
    A nurse
    A prayer warrior
    A gym enthusiast
    A barber
    A travellertraveller
    And much more

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  4. Actually, I just read this to her(and though I didn’t see it before), we also noticed the ones on what Christian girls want Christian guys to have and to know…

    Now, to our next article…


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  5. *smiles* This is totally awesome and I agree with you sir…I had to learn point 5 too,you won’t blame me for that ,living in a society where most unsaved guys and even some Christian brothers have the mindset that a lady was born dependent and can’t do Without their money especially ,sure u get my point.ladies like me tried to prove them wrong,but guess we took it too far .
    Thumbs up broh!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Awesome piece Mr. Aremo
    Really Love It!
    Well, Christian Baes also need to be WELL-INFORMED & VAST. Very Important!
    I don’t wanna be talking to her about Picasso & she goes thinking itz a Microwave Brand. lol…
    More Grace Boss!

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