Good day, how’s your day going? To all my Nigerian friends, I ask, hope the sun isn’t frying anything? So, yesterday I shared a word from the future ‘Dreal’. I also mentioned that “In the future, people don’t dream any more, they dreal.”

So, if you really want to be ahead of others by getting into a future trend before it arrives, I’ll advice you read carefully. I noticed that some people have been drealing, no wonder they are having results. I have been drealing since I got the word and I’m getting tremendous results.

So what does the word ‘Dreal’ mean. Have you wondered why atimes you suddenly find out that the idea you were ‘nursing’ and dreaming about is already being carried out by someone else. Do you know why? Drealing!

Drealing is a lot faster way to achieve things than dreaming! So, let’s define drealing.

To Dreal means to actively and consistently live in desired result. You want to be a medical doctor, then dreal it. Have you visited the hospital to volunteer, have you started talking medical terminologies? You want to be a best-selling author, do you just dream about how nice and lucrative that would be or you’ve started writing your best seller, advertised your best seller? Dressed like a best-seller or speak like a best-seller?

Drealing is basically living in that dream. Moving from passive waiting to active. Its simply implies consciously turning your dreams into reality, one bit at a time consistently. In no time, you’ll have success.

I challenge you to stop ‘dreaming’ today and start drealing! At the end of each day, you’ll be a day closer to the future you’ve tasted already.



PS: I mentioned I was going to share ‘what Christian guys want christian girls to know’. I’ll be sharing that tomorrow, sunday. The ladies agreed with me on the last one . Let’s hope the guys will do same this time.

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  1. Love this!! Sounds like present future living to me, that’s awesome. This approach help us to take active participations instead of passive participation.
    Like one of my mentors often says: Your dream starts now.

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