…My trip to the future!

I’m sorry I had to keep you waiting this long to share what I brought for you from the future. The day has been somewhat extra engaging. Thanks for sticking around!

So, I stumbled across someone who took a ‘trip to the future’ recently and came back with something that intrigues me. What struck me, more than what he came back with (which he hasn’t explained yet) is the fact that I suddenly realized that the future will be different from now. Today will become tomorrow’s yesterday.

There was the stone age, economic age, internet age, and now the ‘thought age’. Imagine if someone in the stone age had gone to the future and returned with an iPad and all it requires to configure it. He definitely would be ahead of the pack. I loved the feeling, so I too decided to take a trip to the future, which I did (you can reach me personally for how…lol)and I came back with something. Actually, I came back with a #NEW_WORD. The word of the future!

You can try google, but it won’t give anything, because like I’ve been saying, its from the future. So as many of us that catch it now and begin to put it to use would be ahead of the rest when they eventually catch on.

By the way, a number of the tech we are ‘crazy’ about in Nigeria are already in the past of some nations.

Back to the matter.


That’s the word. ‘Dreal’

In the future, people don’t dream any more, they dreal.

What exactly does ‘dreal’ mean and how can it change anything for you?

I’ll answer that tomorrow.

What do you think it means?


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