That moment when an ‘old’ scripture jumps out of its shell and becomes new to you! I was reading the book of Numbers yesterday (Yes, there’s a book called Numbers in the bible..lol) and I came across a verse in chapter 13.

“Send thou men, that they may search the land of Canaan, which I give unto the children of Israel…”

This was God giving an instruction. He was giving them a land to take over, but before that was going to happen, they had to SEARCH OUT the land, they were instructed to EXPLORE the land. As I read, it re-inforced something in me.

If God has promised to make me an authority in a given field, say relationship counseling, it is my place to study, find out, dig into everything about relationship counseling. You get the gist?

Whatever field of life you want to be used of God to cause a change or lead a transformation, whether its the media, photography, stage acting, education, love for mathematics, employment opportunities, girl-child, rape, whatever field it is, don’t just sit back and wait, start exploring the land. Get books that concern that field, meet people in that field already, ask questions, go for conferences connected to that field, search out the length and breadth of that ‘land’. 

You’ll be surprised how the hindsight and insight would help chart a foresight for you. When the opportunity eventually arrives, you’ll be ready because you know what is involved.

The summary of the whole matter is this, one way to actively pursue your life’s dream is to find and digest all the information you can get about that dream.


PS: Thank you for reading ‘explore’, please do feel free to check out other posts on this blog, I’m sure they’ll bless you.

I took a trip to the future recently and brought something back. I’ll be sharing that with you tomorrow.

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