A reminder!

As I was engaged in a discussion with lovely daughter of mine, Tijesunimi, as I like to call her, a line I typed in response to her caught my attention. “NO ONE can do you the way you do you”

Pause and think on that a little. As the year 2016 rolls on, if you’ve been caught in a web of competition this year, its time to stop competing and begin to enjoy.

You compete for grades, you compete to be the finest girl in school or church, you complete to ensure your poem is way better than that guy’s. You compete with your siblings for your parents love, everything is being competed for. STOP!

Competition doesn’t make you enjoy the process. Be proud of who you are and enjoy your uniqueness! By all means, be challenged by the work of others, but don’t set out to compete.

The first person you need to win is yourself! Let 2016 be a year you go all out and give it your all, not with anyone as the standard, but with a mind to break your own records. Enjoy the process as you pursue the reward!

I love you!

Happy new day!

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