The day an Okada man ‘opened my eyes’

I was getting really upset! Thank God for Jesus! This guy is lucky I am the one he is doing this to.

“Exactly”. I heard the Holy Spirit reply me.

Allow me backtrack, I had boarded a bike after we had agreed to a particular price and location, about a 2-3minutes drive (5mins walking distance) from the agreed location, the okada man decided to stop.

“Oga, na where I dey go be that” I said in pidgin, pointing towards the direction of where I had told him I was going before.

“I no go”. He said briskly in his heavy pidgin accent.

“Shebi I tell you say na there I dey go, why you no tell me before say you no dey go” I was getting impatient. He didn’t reply me neither did he budge. I was still on the okada all the while. I highlighted with the load I was carrying, debating internally whether I should refuse to pay him and just walk away, at least he was the one that bridged our agreement, but I just wasn’t cool with that. So I paid him. I paid him #50naira.

Before you start saying “is it because of #50naira?” Let me reply.

No, it’s not because of the #50 naira, I felt cheated, cheated by someone I felt shouldn’t be able to cheat me (is that pride?). So, as I walked away grumbling within me, I silently said “Thank God for Jesus! This guy is lucky I am the one he is doing this to.

“Exactly”. I heard the Holy Spirit reply me.

I paused, literarily, before I walk on. How do you mean “exactly”

If it was someone else, an unbeliever, he might have decided not to pay the guy or might have decided to be rough on the guy and who knows where that would end. Moreover, that #50naira means more to him (okada man) than to you.

So, I was deliberately set up to be cheated?

Something like that.

I pondered on it and started seeing that if Jesus, our perfect example was spoken to roughly at different times and he was more concerned about the person’s soul than the tone of the person’s voice, how much more.

God knows that as Christian we have the capacity to take ‘rubbish’ #lol.

Yeah, so, because he also still loves this person, or he knows the situation of the pepper seller and her temperament or he knows how much an extra #200 naira would help an okada man’s family that night, He would set up 4 Christians who would have to leave their #50naira ‘change’ for the okada man after a furtive search for change, thereby blessing that man and also teaching us lessons on selflessness, patience and whatever else comes with it. That lesson was re-emphasized that day.

So next time you are bargaining with the pepper seller or meat seller or roadside yam seller, try not to drive a too hard bargain.

God is counting on you to put a smile in their hearts! There are times when we should just chill.

Don’t shout down that conductor, don’t go with the pure water girl’s change, be a Christian. Would you rather have the ‘traffic gala seller’s’ money with you as the bus speeds off or have him hold down your own change?

We’ve been called to live a life of love. Let’s live it well!

7 thoughts on “The day an Okada man ‘opened my eyes’

    1. Floxyykwin, if you are being overcharged, I believe you should quote the appropriate bargain. But you know there are really times, we leave a retailer with a smile on our own faces and well, an uncertain look on the face of the other. I hope you get?

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