Hello Supermom(to all teenage and single moms)

Hello Supermom,

I decided to put this down and send to you because I know that you need to have this encouragement. It’s a pity that many do not fully understand what you are going through or have gone through, I do not fully do too but I do admire you.

I sincerely do not understand all the circumstances surrounding your pregnancy, but whether it was as a result of a relationship gone wrong or ignorance of sexual purity or it was even violence, it all doesn’t matter now.supermom

I particularly I have a high regard for your choosing to keep that baby despite the pressure of aborting that you might have had, that is indeed COURAGE, especially when it was just you against the world.

I try to imagine what going for pre-natal care alone would be for you. You know, other women are there with their spouses on days when spouses are allowed and here’s you without a spouse. You braved it through that emotional and psychologically draining experience of having to abandon your dreams so you could have me. You are brave!

The time to deliver came, you didn’t give birth to me in the most favorable condition as you would have wanted but still you did, finally. That moment that should have been shared with the father of the child was also missed, you probably just had your mum, siblings and a few friends around. This well-wishers had to leave and you were left alone to take care of me.

Allow me applaud you that you are indeed doing a good job in caring for me. A child need both parents, which I know and you know, and here you are being the father and mother at the same time. Kudos to you! With the little you have and know, you are growing me into a child that will make you proud, that day will come mum, that day will come.

No one sees the turmoil in your heart as you worry alone about what tomorrow will bring, no one sees the tear that flow down your eyes at night as you think of dreams suspended just so you might pour yourself into me, no one sees the struggle you go through just to ensure that you provide all that I need.

No one sees the decision to do whatever it takes to give me the best within the means of decency. I see and salute your conscious effort to be a good role model for me. I appreciate it.

Though you might have made mistake in the past, I would want to let you know that YOU DID THE RIGHT THING BY KEEPING ME! God is proud of you and He is willing to help you. He is willing to help you achieve your dreams still, He is willing to be the husband that you do not have now.


I call you supermom because you are!

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