Miley Cyrus: The Y-Junction

I came acros this and I felt you might just need to see it.

Voice of Worth

Have you ever been going somewhere you’ve not being in a while. The memory is quite vague but as you moved down the street, the road gets familiar until you come to a ‘Y’ junction.

A ‘Y’ junction is quite different from a ‘T- junction. Erm…a ‘Y’ junction form the letter ‘Y’ while the ‘T’ junction forms letter ‘T’. Is that simple enough? Lol. Unlike the T-Junction that its branches are well differentiated, the branches of the Y-junction are not so apart. So if you are walking down the street, and you get to the Y-junction, if the description says “go straight”, you really don’t know which is straight because both count as straight.

Growing up, I used to love seeing young people doing things meaningful with their lives, I used to check the internet for the richest teenagers in the world which was how I met the likes of…

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