Who knows Olajumoke?

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Providence? Sheer luck? Or ‘divine arrangement’. Whatever it is you might want to call it, enjoy. The story of the bread seller turn celebrity is practically like seeing my childhood cartoon, Cinderella coming to play in reality. Within the twinkle of an eye, the bread seller has become brand ambassador for two companies, she has been featured on the CNN and recently, ‘motivational speaker’ has been added to her ‘titles’. I am sincerely glad for Olajumoke.

I’ve read different comments of people online, some plain do not care about her, some do not believe the story at all, while some have been really glad about her sudden fortune. Oh, not to forget, some have used her as a medium of let themselves and their brands be known. A number of preachers have used her story to illustrate ‘God’s time is the best’, some have gone ahead to ask their congregation to use her as a point of contact to pray for their own speedy miracles. Motivational speakers would be apt to use her to describe how diligence in whatever you are doing no matter how ‘humble’ it is pays off. Different angles to it.

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While the whole hoopla is going on something was set off in my mind, suddenly, we take more notice of every bread seller now, maybe some of you might have even gone the length of asking the bread seller that has been selling bread to you for years what her name is.

Do you know that there are more Olajumoke’s out there? Some sell you oranges every evening with their bare foot and all you do is just take your gaze off like it wasn’t your business. The ‘aboki’ that brings water to you is another Olajumoke you may not know off, you notice he uses a piece of rope to hold his trousers, but that’s really none of your business, because you have an arrangement of belts to choose from. Thank God that Olajumoke had the face and the ‘model body’ required for modelling, imagine she didn’t, she would just have been another show of poverty in another front page of another magazine.

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All the different brands that want to associate with Olajumoke now, most likely have their bank accounts in mind, they want to use the rave of the moment to increase their presence. Do they really care for her? Where am I going with this? I’ll tell you.

It is you and I that claim to be Christians that has the responsibility to love without having to blow it up on social media and newspapers, and until we all begin to take that responsibility serious, many Olajumokes will go on noticed in this world. TY Bello, like a newspaper mentioned, is Olajumoke’s Fairy god mother, whose will you be?

Next time that aboki comes to deliver water to you, why not put a smile on his face by giving him a new belt or one of the many you have? Why not buy that girl a sandal and ask her about school, she could just be very brilliant and at the verge of dropping out of school. Just maybe having a little casual conversation with the fish seller can save her from going to a pedophile of an uncle she has that night. Just may be, you are the one God wants to use to transform the life of someone, no matter how small. It doesn’t have to be on the front page of newspapers or social media platforms, but be sure that you will make heaven rejoice.

I love you!

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