Thanks for your returning here, I am indeed grateful that you find it worth your time. Someone mentioned something interesting yesterday, i’ll quote “My own small opinion o, our brothers should aleast own one suit in their possession”. Brothers, you heard?

So here is the promise I made. Enjoy

Now generally she wants you to know that;

  1. Considering the pressure the media has on dressing these days, she most likely is trying her best to look good, good and honest compliments from time to time will go a long way.
  2. She wants to be listened to, not mocked. Guys don’t mock girls, you ruin your chances!
  3. If they love to eat, it doesn’t mean they are gluttons! Who said only boys are allowed to eat much?
  4. If she tells you “its okay”, she wants you to double check, because she just may not be okay. Learn to listen to what she’s not saying, more reason why you should make the Holy Spirit your padi!
  5. Having the courage to speak with her dad, mentor, or coach about how you feel for her goes a long way in her heart.
  6. She wants to hear from you that she is beautiful, it’s not being vain.
  7. She wants you to be the guard of her purity. She wants to be sure that with you, her purity is not on the line.
  8. She wants the attention, but don’t crowd her space.
  9. Reach out to her family too.
  10. She wants you to be honest with her.

I said ten(10), but let me add one more. 11. Because she has a crush on you and you somehow got to know doesn’t make you a god. Stop trying to flaunt it and manipulate her because of that!

With this few points of mine, I hope I have been able to help the brothers see from the angle of the sisters. thank you!

Please drop a comment and feel free to add anyone I missed. Guys, please drop a comment and do share, you might just be saving someone’s future!

Please ensure you follow this blog by mail or with your blog to get instant updates. It’s going to be the girls turn soon. Yippie!


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