What Christian Girls Want Christian Guys To Have…

Hey guys, so I decided to go out on a limb here and point some open secrets that guys in the Christian circle seem to missing out a lot. It’s more like my early February gift to you.

I have heard a couple of guys say that the bad boys get the good girls, well that probably because the good guys aren’t doing anything about it, or allow me get all ‘quoty’ here, #winks. “The right guys are the doing the wrong things right, while the ‘wrong’ guys are doing the right things right!” I sure hope that makes sense to you!

So, feeling led to share a part of a project I’m currently working on, I want to give the guys a peek into the things that a Christian girl wants the guy to HAVE. (Please note that the list is not exhaustive)

  1. CONFIDENCE. You might not have expected this to be the top on the list, but I put it there for a reason. A number of times, Christian guys have lost someone their heart beats for to someone else who had the courage to walk up to the girl and ask her. The girl wants you to know that she is approachable. Every girl wants a confident guy, a guy that is straight, and one that knows what he wants and says it. There’s something romantic about making your intentions known without trying all the umbrella and canopy moves…lol! Don’t make her have to ask you to define the relationship before you do, be straight. (All serious girls will do that at a point if you are canopying)
  2. A HEART FOR GOD. Every Christian girl want a guy that will challenge and help her walk with God. She’s not necessarily asking for a pastor or prayo (pronounced prey-yoh!), but someone who will choose to please God no matter what. She’s certain that no matter what wind blows at them, he will choose to stick with God’s value. A ready example is Joseph the husband of Mary. So guys, she’s not asking that you have it all together, she only wants to see that you are in an ACTIVE walk with God.
  3. A GENUINE INTEREST IN HER HEART NOT JUST CURVES: There’s more to every girl than the color of their skin and the curves she commands. She wants to be sure that you are not just interested in the container. This will show in the way you treat her inputs in matters. Do you handle her suggestions with levity? Please, by all means complement her physicals, but when it comes to doing things that allow her express her innate intelligence, don’t relegate her to the background… and yeah, don’t be jealous when she is being celebrated!
  4. ROMANCE: I’m sorry if that sounds carnal…#lol. Assume you are in relationship already, because she’s Christian doesn’t mean she wants you taking her to the church and praise parties alone, she also likes beaches, she likes eating out too, some wouldn’t mind going shopping or horse riding. She wants to feel the love you profess not just the love God has for her. I’m sure she knows that already. So don’t let your dates be only prayer retreats and worship services. Drop a handwritten note in her bag incognito, set an alarm on her phone announcing that you are thinking of her, send her ‘I long to see you’ text messages, it’s not a sin! It’s not only the Lord’s coming we are looking forward to see nah! Guys spice up!
  5. AN ACTIVE VISION: She doesn’t just want you talking about visions goals, she actually wants to see that you are actively pursuing those visions and goals. I think ladies are actually naturally drawn to guys who are doing things with their lives, so if that’s the motivation you need to make something out of your life, please go ahead and do it for her.
  6. PATIENCE AND WISDOM: That combination is very important. As a Christian guy, you ask a girl out, you should be able to give her time to get her own conviction, don’t try to manipulate her, give her time. Now during your waiting time, don’t just go AWOL, be around, a friendly text, a scripture exposition together even #winks. Just something little to let her know that you are still very much around waiting for her without pushing it to her face and looking obsessive.
  7. AN INTERACTIVE POCKET: #LOL! Okay here’s what I mean, if you are the kind of person that you don’t like to give or see your money or resources spent on others, you might just need to go learn how to. Money isn’t the crux of a relationship, but be sure that it is an ESSENTIAL part, at least on earth! As far as I know, eateries, cinemas, gift shops still require money as a medium of exchange. You don’t have to go beyond your means, but be sure money will be spent. I’ll stop here.

Ladies do you agree with me? Please drop a comment and feel free to add anyone I missed. Guys, please drop a comment and do share, you might just be saving someone’s future! #lol.

Ensure you follow this blog by mail or with your blog to get instant updates. We just looked at what a girl wants a guy to HAVE, I’ll be dropping 10 things a girl wants a guy to KNOW tomorrow.

61 thoughts on “What Christian Girls Want Christian Guys To Have…

  1. Hmmm!!!!
    I so so so much love this sir!
    This is a secret formula
    Thank God for people like you who shares things like this for the benefits of others

    I totally agree with all you said sir

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This Is Whoa!!Uncle Lekan.But You Know What?How Parents Of Brethern In The Church Won’t To Hear Bro Soso Is Dating Sis Dat.Its Just So Confusing!It Is Wrong To Date?


  3. Nice one sir!! Just thought to add, christian brothers should make an effort to be fashionable.. Plssssssssss,, try on colours. Dont be dull. Avoid oversized shirts and pants., wear a great haircut(my best is actually 2-step), wear nice scents, do slim ties, loafers and coloured socks. I know there must be a place for decent dressing but its not a sin to look good..
    We are actually watching. Give the ladies a chance to actually show off the christian guys to the world and be proud to have them as partners..
    It is wonderful to be a tongue speaking brother but being fashionable is a plus.
    The point is: We want our tongue-speaking brothers looking good!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I love this! Thanks Deborah!

      “We are actually watching. Give the ladies a chance to actually show off the christian guys to the world and be proud to have them as partners.”

      That’s Thick! Lool…

      Guys I hope your are ‘listening’ o


  4. Something tell s me I’m kinda one of the guys Debbie is doing amebo on top, lols.
    Well that’s for those guys whose bluettoth is roving furiously in search mode looking for connections.

    Well since the post is about us guys. Let He who has ears, remove those bogey earpiece or whatever earplug, clean their ears thoroughly with some earbuds and listen attentively or perhaps pay attention to what the SISTERS are saying.

    I drop my tiring pressing fingers

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hmmm…the weird thing about this is “we read it together!!!” Yuck!

    And for a part-time defaulter like me, choi!

    I wee kuku change sha. #SpotOn. On point, like, totally. Thanks lots, Pastor ‘Remo

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Thumbs up Bro… Let them also remember we’re allowed to have platonic relationship with other guys. Just because I’ve showed interest in you and i talk to other guys doesn’t make me a flirt.


  7. Uncle Lekan this is so on point… Am commenting today,me that wee just read and run away…everything here is so true and I’d like to add, He should love to read too and have a library,deep spiritual books,witty books,documentaries,anything edifying with words in them…It’s so “sad” when I see a christian guy that will not read,you covered the rest for me.


  8. Lolz…just smiling all the way,I’m glad to see this seriously, in addition please (no offense whatsoever taken please),Dear brothers, wearing a nice cent is not a sin! (we don’t have the privilege of experiencing winter in naija,it’s mostly freaking hot,and we get to sweat a lot,rollons,sprays and perfumes, no matter how cheap are necessary,especially for the brothers who insist on keeping their underarm hairs!) Taking care of your feet and toe nails isn’t a sin! Looking good no matter the occasion is not a sin! There is nothing spiritual about doing the opposite of all these things. Brothers pls,it is “THE LORD” who sees in spirit not we. I feel so bad when my darling christian brothers appear dressing a bit less concerned in front of “other” dudes. You guys should give us the privilege to flaunt you in front of others plsss😥😢

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  9. Hmmm. very correct Sir.
    You’re just too dope yes also guys should try to get female opinions on things. Don’t always make the decision, she’s also human, trust her judgement and have a *nice* sense on humour.

    Liked by 1 person

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