Chisos. Jixos. Jisos. Jesus?

TeeFaith's Corner

Seriously! Okay, before I begin…

Can we take a break to learn spellings and pronunciations?

Jixos, chisos, jisos, are different spellings with different pronunciations! Grab that? I understand that they have different meanings too. Oh, well…check Google. What I’m still trying to understand is how they could be substituted for JESUS. Heck! It’s even more disappointing to know that a larger percentage of those who pronounce and spell the name wrongly are literates. Or Christians?

“…but we can spell it na, it’s just a mimic kinda” aww…did someone just say that? Okay, wait. Let me enlighten you on some things.

Jesus is my father and dear friend. See why I’m seriously taking this personal?

I’m not too sure about other countries, so I’d speak from a Nigerian’s view (‘cos I’m one). How do you feel when someone pronounces your name wrongly to a large audience? I’m certain majority of us…

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