The Love Series (Day 2): Love Embraces Imperfections!

You should read up the whole series! It will change your life! Literaily!

Doctor Love

Welcome to Day Two of our all-important series. I am finding it very interesting, won’t use the word ‘difficult’, knowing which aspect of love to talk about before the other. So, I would just simply flow and mention them as they come. If you have any questions as regarding love generally or based on what I would be sharing in this series, please post your questions as comments on The Love Series posts on my blog. I would be entertaining and answering questions from Day 16!

Now, to today’s business!

I once heard a dear friend of mine, Dr. Ayoade Adeoye, make a profound statement. She said and I quote, “We judge people by their ACTIONS but we judge ourselves by our INTENTIONS.” Hmmm! Maybe you should read that line over and again until you squeeze out ALL the juices in it.

A loved one doesn’t call you on your…

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