I was embarrassed!

Uncle Tobi,

I seem to be a very clumsy lady, I have found myself in many embarrassing situations, infact it seems I was born to be embarrassed. Recently, I asked a male friend of mine to pick up a pencil from my bag, I had totally forgotten I had my pad in it until he called my attention and was about bringing it out of my class, I grabbed it from him and collected my bag but a couple of guys in class had already seen it and they were letting out this annoying hoot. I wanted to sink into the ground. Please how do I prepare myself to handle embarrassing situations?


My Reply.

One of the things that comes with being part of the human race is that you can’t escape embarrassing moments. You know those times when you just wish the earth will open up and swallow you, and your heart beats faster as you see everyone’s concentration suddenly on you. #lol. No matter how long you run from them they’ll eventually catch up with you, though the degree of embarrassment as well as frequency of embarrassing situation we feel differs, yet we all go through it. It is important therefore that you learn not to take such times too personal and blow it over the top, the way you handle embarrassing situations can really affect you and your relationship with people.

As a girl, there’s always the tendency to become angry with yourself over a little slip you made that caused that situation, but learn to cut yourself a little slack. One very embarrassing scenario that comes to mind is when for one reason or the other, you have a red stain on your bright coloured skirt and a guy happens to be the one that calls your attention to it. Choi! What do you do next, smile and say thank you and walk off clean yourself.

If you are not at a place where you can, get a piece of clothing that you can drape over your waist to cover it. Don’t glare at the person that told you politely, it wasn’t his fault, you know. So rather than internalize it, just move on.

To my friend, K, first off, please don’t expect to fall into embarrassing moments, it makes it clumsier, it could affect your self-worth. In such a situation, you could have just let out a laugh, and said something like “looking for yours?” or “Go learn your biology”. Something to move the attention from you to the other without being stiff or hard. If you still do not feel good about what happened, find a time alone to tell the guy you were disappointed by his actions. You shouldn’t get into shouting about it, just lay it down as politely and firmly as you can. So, whenever you find yourself in a really embarrassing situation ranging from falling off the heels you are wearing or letting of body gas loudly, keep it in perspective, respond with humour and grace. I love you!

PS: thanks for reading, please feel do feel free to share embarrassing moments you’ve had and how you handled them with other ladies, it could help someone. You can also send your questions on ladies matters to me at aremotobi@gmail.com and be sure they’ll be attended to. Publishing on the blog will be done ONLY with your consent.

4 thoughts on “I was embarrassed!

  1. Good answer. Thank you!

    There was this time my father told the whole church my result in school, all the details, everything during testimony. I was so embarrassed. It was a good result tho, I guess he was too happy. Everybody was just looking at me. I couldn’t even demarcate admiration from contempt and I was thinking why didn’t he just say “she did well”? Oh well, now I can’t fail, ever!


    1. I laughed after reading your comment! I could almost picture your face…#lol.
      Did anyone walk up to you after service to ‘congratulate’ you?

      Thanks for sharing and thanks for reading Omooba!


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