For 2016

hello friend,

I am grateful to God for you thatyou are reading this. Your reading this implies that God has kept you thus far. I am grateful that you went through all that you went through, though you may not necessarily see the reason why you had to but be sure that “all things are working together for good”. Yeah, one of the songs that stuck with me to the end of this year is Travis Greene’s ‘Intentional’. You should listen to that song.

As you step into 2016, be ready to soar! Yes soar like the eagle…but chill. You know the eagle loves storms right? Now, I’m not trying be a prophet of doom here, not at all, but the  truth is as you grow, the devil is not going to fold his arms and watch, nah, he would want to fight back. but don’t fret, God has GOT YOUR BACK!

2016 is gonna be awesome. just GIVE IT YOUR ALL! Give your best in 2016 and see your grades fly, see your relationship with your parents get better, see your dreams come to reality! See, with GOd you are gonna fly!!!!

Celebrate as you enter 2016, the year to BECOME!

I love you.


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