Wedding Bells!!!!

Once in a while,

I love to indulge myself and think about my wedding.

Yeah, my wedding.

I picture her walking down the aisle

Through my eye

I see her looking fly

Dressed in a silvery wedding gown style.

Walking to the preacher so we can get on listen to all his ‘do Is’

But really I’m not listening

Cos her beauty has got me staring

Like a new transformed her am seeing

I’m glad with her I’ll be living

The rest of my life, with her I’ll be spending.


Then the part I love to hear

The preacher said “You may kiss the bride”

My heart leaped like the wave’s tide

Breathe pumping like a bike ride

My hand steadied her side

It reminded me of my side.

The side a spear once sliced.

For her.

I looked into her eyes and noticed there was nothing to hide.

All the imperfections were in sight, but I was still glad she was my bride.

My pride!


With a tint of romance,

To the glare of the many radiant visitors in attendance.

I carried her fully off the ground, so that all of her leaned on me.

I wanted her to know that she could rely on me…completely.

I heard the applause, but that was not the point.

If it were only her, I would still do it.


I leaned and made our lips touch.

There was a spark.

I poured my self into her poco a poco

Line upon line..or rather

Lips upon lips.

I deepened the kiss, she wanted more. I was more than willing to give her more.

It doesn’t matter what the timetable said, when I’m with her, together we are the time!

We broke the kiss…for now.

The sparkle in her eyes was renowned.

I can see myself in her now, as one beholding a glass.


She smiled.

I winked.


Then we got to the reception.

Oh, a reception with no deception

100% percent network connection

There was no power disconnection.


We sat there knowing that even in the crowd, we could be alone

For we were now one.

Bone of my Bone!


It was time to dance.

She willingly allowed me lead while she followed.

Resting in my arms, we swayed.

Right foot first, right foot first.

Left foot follows, left foot follows.

A picture of my feets beings nailed flashed in my heart briefly.

I remember it all, clearly.

It was for her, all for this moment.

I swirled her gently…she turned and executed the swirl superbly.

As long as she allowed me lead, the dance was just what it was supposed to be.

The time she missed her step, I was ready to cushion her fall, pulling her back to me.

The watching eyes didn’t understand our dance style,

But then it didn’t matter.

It was OUR dance style.


It was time to go home.

Where we don’t have to perform.

I saw the tears drop from her eyes as she suddenly realize that everything she has known, she has to leave to cleave to me.


“With me you’ll find rest” I told her comfortingly.

I wrapped my arms around her in a hug.

Allowing the fragrance of my presence overwhelm her

Helping her take her eyes of what she has lost to what she would have.


I’ll never leave you or forget you!

Wedding was over.

Marriage had started.

I love her deeply….Perfect love casteth out fear.


That is the wedding of my dreams.

Are you prepared for our marriage.

The marriage between you and I

A marriage that has never been seen by any eye.

Did I hear you sigh?


All you need to do is love Me.

Come to Me.

I’ll love you back.

I’ll handle the details.

Just follow My lead.

We’ll have the best marriage ever because…I love you!

33 thoughts on “Wedding Bells!!!!

  1. Ol boy😊😊😊😊😊
    To think I actually blushed while reading this shouldn’t be absurd…..thanks for sharing what’s going on in your beautiful mind AremoπŸ™

    Liked by 1 person

  2. All thes3 mushy dope scintillating alluring and romantic poem for one person. Oga o! That’s how you caused problem for guys like us that can’t write poems.πŸ˜• Hmmm, the Lord is our muscle o.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

    Lovely poem I must say. Eerrmby the way I noticed something my lord,there was no ring exchanged,πŸ˜‡ is it that you slip it through the wrong finger or you were so romantic that you couldn’t bother.😯

    Lovely blog you get though. Thumb up brother!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lool… Thanks for taking your time out to read. Thanks for commenting too… Your comment got me giggling! Yeah the Lord is indeed your muscle! I guess I was more enraptured by the celestial romance of the moment that I forgot such earthly thing as a ring, #lool. Thanks again!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Lolsss. So thou was so consumed with the ministry of cleaving that thou forgeteth the symbol of the cleaving itself. Issokai sir, kontinu! While I keep watching you from a celestial camera in 360DD

    Liked by 1 person

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