Oh…so I’m human too!

I was eating at a dinning recently with a mix of those older and younger than I.
As we started to eat, I started looking round.
This was normal.
I think I’m sorta shy when eating around people.
So I busy myself by doing something.

So I looked round..
And it hit me..

We were all same!

I looked at those higher on the ladder.
I looked at those down the ladder.
I looked at myself.
We were all eating.
Different ways…yes
But through same path way.

No matter how much you’ve got in your bank account…
No matter how much Instalgram followers you have…
No matter how many twitter followers you’ve got…
No matter how much fan base you have..
It doesn’t change how you eat…
you are really sick.

The food goes through your mouth…
And eventually comes out through another opening on your backside.

Next time you stumble on a junior…
Next time you are around a subordinate…
Next time you are tempted to cheat your younger one of the money, gift or fish…

Remember, we eat through same means.
We are one and same before God!

Respect your neighbor!
Love others as christ as loved you.

Love not in words alone…
But also in deeds!

I love you much!

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