basketball and the future



I muttered softly as the basketball bounced of the rim.

It was a close call.


The shot was made by Damilola.

As I officiated the basketball inter-house competition match, I really wanted Damilola’s team to win.

Not because they were the better of the team playing

But because of Damilola.

He was the only one really playing for the team.


Pass! Pass!!


Another rim again!


Damilola, though wasn’t getting as much support from his team mates, 

it wasn’t their area of strength, they said

Yet he didn’t blame them for once.

He didn’t shout at his team members to stop being slow and stupid.

He didn’t.


Like a great sportsman, he blocked, guarded and grabbed the ball.

Whenever he was asked to pass, and its convenient

He passes

Even when he knows the opponent will get the ball from that team mate.



I perceived leadership.

There was no point winning, if we all can’t win together.

He made couple of shots.

But he couldn’t make enough to get his team to the finals.


His team lost.

But he was happy with himself.

He had not being selfish during the game.

He had given everything to win.

He had being a great team player, despite knowing his team mates weaknesses.


I admired Damilola that day.


If only many leaders will emulate Damilola

And realize that relationships are far better than riches or accolades.


If only young people will rise up and stop blaming others for their failure

And would just rise and give it all

Whether their team member is strong or not.

You life shots are in your hands.


Decide how you want to live your future now.


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