My Secret…


I have this secret that is well guarded.

No one knows about it at all.

Okay…one person does.

Only this one person does.

It’s something that I’ve kept close to my heart a long time.


You know, one of those things you can only do within the confines of your room.

Like the way you sing aloud in the bathroom not minding if you are picking musical notes and keys from heaven or the depths of the sea!

Or like the way you giggle to yourself when you read a message from that special someone.

Wait…wait…or those dance steps that you try only in your room!

We all have secrets.

But I don’t want this to be a secret anymore.

As long as it remains a secret, I keep losing out.

I keep restraining myself from doing it.

I keep itching to do it but can’t because it’s still a secret.

So I’ll share with you,

So that I can freely express this.

So next time you see me doing it, don’t laugh. Well…you can laugh if you want to.

But then I know I am free.

Free of secrets.

Before I mention my secret, listen.

If there’s anything you are struggling with.

Fear, guilt, depression, porn, masturbation, anger.

Stop keeping it secret.                                                                                                        Weaknesses grow in secret…They are nipped in the bud when you tell the right person.



So, here I am sharing…

My little secret is…

I love to walk in the rain! …Well…not just walk.

I love to dance in the rain!…

Hmmmm… Its so refreshing..

But childish…they say…

But I love it.

So next time I’m round you and it’s raining… You can look at me and say…

“Am I thinking what you are thinking?”

And you just could be right!