One of the banes of the young people of this age is that we talk a lot but we say very little! Reminds me of the first man in the human race, Adam. God asked him, “Adam where are you” and can you believe his reply? – “I am naked”. How does that correlate?

Whenever you are going through a tough phase of life and you are fortunate to have someone who is ready to listen to you and help you out, don’t give the ‘I am fine’ answer when the person asks you what’s wrong with you. You just finished writing an exam that didn’t go as planned, the teacher for that subject asks you, “how was it?” and you give the answer “it was fine”, who are you deceiving?

I was privileged to speak with my big brother, father and mentor recently about a couple of things that had being going around in my head and I must say that I stood up from his presence with a sense of more clarity.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t try to want to solve issues yourself, neither am I saying that you should begin to go around spreading your troubles for everyone to see, nah! What I am saying is even if you want to solve it yourself, “Ma, please I am currently having a struggle with a step I want to take, I’ll let you know about it later but please pray along with me” is a simple enough statement that has given that spiritual authority an idea of something you are going through.

Yes talk to the Holy Spirit about matters, also allow God use spiritual authorities God has placed over you to help make the walk easier for you.

Stop acting like you are alone, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

I love you. It’s not a cliché, I mean it.

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