My First Kiss.


I finally decided to share this with you. It’s about my first kiss. I was speaking at a teen gathering recently and as I got into the matter of sexual purity and I announced that I was still a virgin, the look on the faces the young adults said a lot. Many didn’t believe, some were pleasantly surprised and some clapped. In view of this, I discovered that it’s important that we talk more about this sexuality thing.

I had been in situations that I could have chosen to do the kissing, there have been times when my first kiss is what keeps me from kissing now. I had told God that my first kiss would be a special one, one between me and my wife after the pastor has pronounced us husband and wife. So I won’t sacrifice any urge or temptation to kiss now because I have given my word to God about my first kiss!

I am asp aremotobi, an advocate of sexual purity, I am asking that you choose to stay sexually pure. Whether you have kissed, touched or even had sex before, it doesn’t matter, join this revolution of young men like me who would never violate a lady’s virtue even if ‘she asked for it’. Join this growing train of ladies who will not compromise their future for a moment’s pleasure. Stay sexually pure!

God is helping me, He can help you too!

I love you, it’s not a cliché. I mean it!

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