Embrace your fear!

Flipping hearts

As different thoughts compete to be the first

Heart racing faster than usual

Racing in rhythm to the anxious pangs felt in the belly

My mouth stuttered

My fingers twitched

My eyes dilate

As I ponder on the perfect way.

See, it has to be done right, perfect.

Spoken right

Interpreted right

Understood right



Else…what really?

It doesn’t matter.

So I continued the cycle again

My flipping hearts

To my dilating eyes

What would I do?

Actually I do know what to do

The question that begs for an answer is ‘how?’

How will I do it?

It had to be done right

So I am faced with two options

Do it or leave it.

‘Leave it’ seems easier

It appealed to me more

It was less responsible


There was that question that would always ring in my heart

That question I never could really shake off

“What will happen if I did it?”

Or the wondering and wishing

“I wish I did it’

“What would have been the outcome of I had done it?”

So the option B beckons

Though an interesting option, it isn’t.

All unnecessary regret it will help me forsake.

So harmed with a greater fear

Fear of not knowing what would have been

I faced my fear of doing it wrong

It was fear versus fear

With stuttering lips

I started

Amidst flipping hearts

I continued.

With twitching fingers

I communicated

Some came out wrong

Some came out right

Still I continued

Then it was over.

I had done it


With the fear hanging over me like a mistletoe

Still I did it

Now I know the outcome

I do not like it much, but now I know.

For I shall know the truth

And with the truth I know

Like a double-edged sword

I cut loose from bounds and grips of fear.


Fears don’t stop

Don’t stop fear


Launch out

Swim out

With the fear

It will be lost in the sea of action.

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love , and of a sound mind



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